Frequently Asked Questions

How to post a free job ad in iFresher?

It's very easy, click on the job posting link, and submit your hiring criteria details. Our iFresher team will review your job and activate the job on-site.

What is the best place to post a job?

The best place to post a job is on a popular job board which has the most number of page views per day. iFresher is among the top 10 Job boards in India having millions of page views per month. So ifresher is one of the best places to post a job.

How do you ensure responses for job posting?

Thanks to our website traffic, when your job is active on our portal after that It will start receiving responses automatically. you have the option to check the list. When you are satisfied you can push the post any time.

What is a job posting?

A job posting is like an ad for your open job. It's meant to attract talented people and is written in a friendly way. It shares info about the job and also highlights details about the company and the perks it provides.

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